Web 2.0 Just For Techies?

Vote to tell the world just how 2.0 you really are.

I’m in the camp that believes that techies are out in front on these trends and benefit from them in the early stages as much as our time is consumed by them. This takes it more into the realm of hobby and experimentation as we figure out intended and creative uses.

This reminds me of the Clay Shirky interview on The Colbert Report a couple weeks back when Shirky said, “Social tools aren’t interesting until the technology becomes boring.”

I completely agree with this. It’s just that techies find the technology itself interesting, so we use it first. But once it’s been fiddled with and tweaked sufficiently, the focus is no longer on the technology, but rather how we use it.

While the techie in me loves new technology, I always have my eye on the greater good and purpose all technology can provide. Not all technology is good and useful, so society needs this filter. Similarly, techies never know all the implications and uses of new technology, so it’s always fascinating to see where people take it.

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