Using Live Surveys for Real-Time Data

I recently attended a learning luncheon in which real-time surveys were implemented and displayed on a giant screen. Here’s how it worked…

  • Each table had a sheet of paper with the “About the Presenters” blubs on it, and a QR code, which, once scanned by a mobile devive, opened up the online live survey.
  • The presenter would open up a question, such as “Which web browser do you use most frequently? 1: Internet Explorer, 2: Firefox 3: Safari 4: Chrome”.
  • Each person who had it pulled up on their mobile device would tap their response, then the survey program would instantly display the results.

KABLAM! Instant data!

The presenters were able integrate the new data¬†seamlessly¬†into their previously prepared presentations, even when it contradicted with what they predicted the answers would be. In fact, this occurrence caused everyone in the room to ask the question “why?”, which sparked further interest and debate. It was really something!

I found the effect absolutely fascinating. Where most presenters list off cold data and percentages, here was data from the very room, from the people sitting next to me. I found that it peaked my interest and belief in the data in a way it rarely does in other presentations.

Mobile devices have made all this possible, and since smart phones have become so proliferate today, next time you are putting together a presentation, ask yourself if live surveys might be a way to not only solidify your data, but also make you the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

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