Social Media Etiquette Guide For Business [Infographic]: The Do’s and Don’ts on publishing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

When you were taught never to put your elbows on the table and chew with your mouth closed, you probably weren’t such a fan of being told what to do. Years later, on that first date you’ve been pining over for months and finally landed, you were probably just a little bit grateful you learned the right tableside etiquette.

Well, guess what? The rules don’t really change just because you now run a company. In fact, etiquette may vary culturally, but learning it – and learning it well – doesn’t really change. You need to know how to treat clients, whether in person or virtual. Knowing the right etiquette can get you a long ways, in just the same way that knowing the wrong etiquette can get you nowhere.

Etiquette applies to more than just dealing with customers. In fact, it’s the most relevant when using your major social media websites to advertise. Just because you’ve set up an account on every site, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Vimeo, doesn’t mean you’re allowed to get lazy about posts. Cross-breeding information is important, but it’s an art and takes practice and time to get right. You need to take the time to learn the different personalities of each website, so you can catch the right clientele on each and expand your network even further. Here is some advice on how to have the right etiquette.



This post is by our guest blogger Ivan Serrano. Ivan Serrano is a business and social media journalist living in the Bay Area in California.

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