.NET goes Open Source

Big news in the tech world, .Net has gone open source and released its core software in GitHub under the MIT Open Source license. Microsoft’s .NET Core library has always been proprietary since its inception, for years it has combatted with the likes of JAVA and PHP when it comes to web environments and now looks to take a competitive edge.

This is a big deal because some of the challenges businesses and developers alike have with the .NET platform is the pricing and the fees associated with running the stack. According to the news, Microsoft also has plans to release a full version of  Visual Studio 2013 that will be absolutely free to developers and small companies!

I couldn’t be happier.

Sometime next year, Microsoft will also release new features to allow applications to run on Linux, iOS and Android in .NET 2015. This means developers, like myself, can create a .NET application that runs on Ubuntu. Who would’ve ever thought we’d see this day? Though there are frameworks like Mono in existence that do this already, making the process official will make development smoother and add more documentation to the process.

Opening the platform to mobile development on all major devices will be huge, this will no doubt maximize the Microsoft’s appeal to the tech community. In the past, when creating apps, we developers have had to rely on hybrid frameworks like PhoneGap (my personal favorite) and Ionic to talk to the phone’s hardware and use native features like the camera or the device’s GPS. With the new releases of .NET, which will essentially compile your application for any device’s platform, applications can be developed directly for the intended OS without the need for hybrid frameworks.

.NET has never looked sexier in its life.

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