.Mac Account Reserved 6 Years Ago Pays Off

When Apple first launched its .Mac service in 2002, I signed up for a free trial with username “aswindler.” As one of the first to try out a lot of services and Web sites online, I typically get my moniker of choice, as in this case. I never really used the account as .Mac was always about one feature short of being greatly useful to me.

Fast-forward to 2008, when I feel like I could actually get some benefit out of the switch to MobileMe. My friend who works at an Apple store informed me that if I buy the .Mac service before the switch, I could have both a mac.com and me.com email address. One can never have too many email addresses, right?

So when I went home to sign up for it, the Web site told me that aswindler was already taken. I was bummed but just used andyswindler, which is my typical alternate. Then I got to thinking that perhaps they actually stored my old account, even though I never used it. After a chat with an Apple rep, I discovered that this was certainly the case. Apple had saved my account after all these years and I was able to consolidate them into one.

Moral of the story, sign up early if you want your user name to be consistent? Why does it matter? It’s easier to remember your login and it will be easier for social media services in the future to tie together all your contributions.

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