Karmic Payback – Or Cosmically Unfair?

Karma really is a b@#@ with the ubiquity of social media — or, why someone named “Nadia” should think again about getting drunk on an airplane in front of a woman with a twitter account.

In a series of an epic 60+ real-time tweets, “Modern Family” editor / director Ryan Case captured a completely drunken meltdown punctuated by racism, classism, and loneliness – all served on an alternately oblivious and combative platter. As the cherry on top, Case also published a photo of “Nadia,” slumped in her seat – ironically enough, with smart phone to ear.

While we all take satisfaction when a jerk is taken down a notch or two, the speed with which this story – and photo – has gone viral has me wondering: is social media really the appropriate vehicle for seeking quite literally universal payback?

Or, is it simply irresponsible to subject someone of whom we know nothing, really, to the collective judgment of the online universe?

“Nadia” has undoubtedly woken up with the hangover of a lifetime – as well as global humiliation. She may have earned it, she may have deserved it – but now that social media is a vehicle for both judge and jury, we’ll never know for sure.

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