Google SEO Update: “Mobilegeddon” Key Points

By now we’ve all heard plenty about “Mobilegeddon,” Google’s SEO algorithm update today that will start giving ranking preference to mobile-optimized sites.

This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Google’s core philosophy is “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

That’s a powerful statement and one with which I happen to agree.

Focusing on your users means constantly thinking about how they are using technology and interacting with your brand. Increasingly, users are getting things done on their smartphones. So if you prepare for that by focusing on your user, Google won’t surprise you.

Perhaps I wasn’t surprised by this move since I’ve been talking about and working in mobile for so many years. The trend lines for smartphone usage have clearly pointed to a time when there would be more searches performed on smartphones than desktop computers.

This time has come. And that’s a good thing for our customers.


Here are my key take-aways from Google’s mobile algorithm update:

  1. It only applies to searches performed on smartphones, so should not affect desktop rank.
  2. It evaluates ranking by page and not by the whole site. So if you are struggling with a holistic move to a mobile website, you can start with a few mobile-optimized landing pages.
  3. Don’t panic. Yes, you need a mobile strategy. No, it doesn’t have to happen yesterday. This is just one of numerous ranking factors from Google. SEO should be approached with a holistic strategy.

Here’s a handy tool from Google to test your website for mobile optimization.

If you have any questions about this SEO algorithm update from Google or need help developing a mobile strategy, drop us a line.

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