Crafting at the CoreNet Classic

Cantigny Golf Club in Wheaton, IL: the setting for a late-summer day of golfing, networking and a few drinks before fall really sets in. As a Platinum Sponsor of the Chicago chapter of CoreNet, Astek has an assigned hole on the course to make our own.




In past years, our “How’s My Drive?” setup filmed each golfer, then sent them to a custom microsite to see video of their swing (accompanied by an excellently randomized selection of music). This setup was a hit with the CoreNet members, but we decided to change it up this year. In the interests of bringing something unusual, and with my own love of crafting, we hoped to get this corporate real estate crew feeling colorful.

I started by designing the outlines of our collaborative art project in Illustrator. Think “paint by number”, except…without any numbers. Projecting the Illustrator file onto a board made it easy to trace, despite this very serious focus face:



With this done, I loaded up way, way too many paints and we headed to Cantigny. Just setting up this project became a bit of an adventure, as arts and crafts aren’t typical golf course diversions.





While I was excited about this project, I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go over with this group. After all, many of the CoreNet members are used to corporate golf outings, and I’d venture to say they likely haven’t had someone shove a paintbrush in their hand at a previous one. As the golfers started passing through, however, my doubts disappeared more quickly than the Bloody Marys in their hands.



Over the course of the day, the project came together better than we hoped! While some golfers weren’t too enthusiastic about painting, others made up for it by paying more attention to painting than teeing off.



After dozens of golfers and an entire day of painting, our result was a chaotic table and a colorful banner! This being the Midwest, it was adorned with plenty of sports team representation. While some of our guest artists were rather inexperienced, their enthusiasm more than made up for it. Watching the piece take shape throughout the day was unexpectedly amazing.

We brought the finished product inside for the dinner, excited to display the combined handiwork of so many participants.


As the raffle auction was going on, there were enough inquiries about bidding on the finished product that we decided to auction it off on the spot! Astek is proud to have turned our craft project into an additional $300 for CoreNet Chicago’s chosen charity, Designs 4 Dignity.

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