From the Launchpad – A B2B Website Redesign for Pioneer Environmental Services

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It’s a perfect match: Both Astek and Pioneer Environmental Services work to efficiently and effectively clean up clients’ sites. Although Astek wasn’t testing soil or performing intricate remediation tactics, we were better aligning Chicago-based Pioneer’s website with their brand, developing an improved mobile experience, offering information and functionalities important to customers and optimizing copy for search engine traffic – all very important elements to a new B2B website redesign and development. 

1. The Business Strategy

So how do you brand a site remediation company? You avoid being clever and just tell the company story. Credibility, expertise, case studies and recommendations packaged in a way that’s straight forward and smart. Astek worked with the talented team at Symbiotic Creative to develop a brand that spoke directly to the people who matter: Engineers, developers, banks, and business owners who need to know that Pioneer will take care of their valuable real-estate.

Some website considerations included:

  • The Mobile Experience

Although most of their traffic may not be coming from mobile devices, the data overwhelmingly shows it will be – an important lesson to any B2B business skeptical of smartphone or tablet proliferation. It needs to be made easily scannable, clickable and puts the important info front and center. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many development options to make sure your website is Millennial friendly.

  • Expertise and Credibility

It’s a competitive space and customers want to know one thing: Can they trust Pioneer to do the job they need done? Their services are technical in nature and need to speak to those people who want details about the process. Pollution is not something to take lightly. One mistake can cost developers or a business a lot of money. This required substantial copy which otherwise might seem dense, however with an important service, decision-makers need the proper research before signing on the dotted-line.

  • Calls to Action

While CTA’s are an obvious consideration in any website design, Pioneer’s strategy required particular finesse. In a high-info, high price-point service, over-promotion suggests under-confidence. Symbiotic Creative struck a good balance between placing important action points where visitors can find them, making them visually consistent with the overall aesthetic and letting the text support the action.

2. Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research

For Pioneer, this was important enough to require its own section here. Astek determined there was a high volume of local search for many terms that related to Pioneer’s services. Creating copy and on-page SEO was important to attract this new audience. Our SEO team focused on the following tactics:

  • A new branded, keyword-rich URL
  • Custom page titles and meta descriptions
  • Keyword research to inform web copy of effective search terms
  • A blogging platforms to focus on specific keywords that drive traffic
  • Alt tags on images to attract image searches
  • Effective use of H1 tags that contained keyword-rich industry service terms

3. Blogging and Content Strategy

While the Pioneer staff is still finalizing content strategy and needs, Astek provided Pioneer with a simple place where their staff could produce long-form articles about specific services and insight into industry practices. As mentioned before, the blog will provide content for people searching online for specific site remediation topics as well as act as landing pages from Pioneer’s newsletter. Astek chose not to spend resources on developing a community-oriented blog platform. Although much can (and should) be said about the need to build community, the clients needs and audience personas led us in a different direction. Astek subscribes to relevant, actionable strategies – we’ve found, more often than not, less is more.

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The top of the mobile experience


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Using the blog for thought-leadership and SEO

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