7 Ways to use Twitter to Support a Live Event

Social media exists as a way to break down the barriers of communication to allow information to move unfettered from person to person. We recently activated a social media campaign for our client E2MA at their annual Red Diamond Congress.

We focused on engagement as the key goal for the social media campaign – to engage with event attendees as well as the colleagues who were unable to attend. We chose to use Twitter for its real-time nature, ease of use and popularity. The campaign went very well and garnered considerable engagement from both event attendees and those who were unable to be there in person. We always like to share what worked/doesn’t work with our readers, the following are the seven tips that will help you create a successful Twitter campaign for a live event.

1. Create a branded hashtag

Hashtags are used on social media platforms to track conversations and keep them organized; this is especially the case on Twitter. It is also the best way for a company to track the effectiveness of their Twitter campaign. The best hashtags are short and identifiable. If you’re attending an event about fishing and the hashtag is #justhereforthefreeworms, you’re going to have some problems. Clever tags are great but they must be short enough that your event attendees want to type them, voice their thoughts and still fit the hashtag – within the 140-character limit for a tweet. It works to your advantage to have the bulk of the characters available for the information, not the hashtag.

2. Build excitement in the weeks preceding the event

Letting your target audience know that something great is coming their way will encourage people to pay attention when they see a tweet from your Twitter handle. Earlier engagement will give your hashtag time to gain some steam and get people talking.

3. Understand your platform

Twitter is about real-time conversation, therefore tweets should encourage such – quick blurbs of information and interesting facts are typically more effective than a picture of a slideshow and allow for more comments/questions. Pictures are nice and should not be avoided, we are a visual people after all, but they should be interesting. Try to take pictures of people or of unique exhibits.

4. Don’t forget to converse in real life

Talking with attendees is one of the best ways to see which speeches and exhibits people are most excited about and will give good direction and ideas about what your Twitter followers are looking for.

5. Get the attendees involved!

Part of the fun of events is collaborating with lots of people who share your interests. Bringing them into your virtual conversation is a way to bring nuance and excitement to a conversation. Look for ways to engage with attendees on Twitter – monitor the event hashtag, watch for retweets from attendees to see what the conversations are about.

6. Twitter is about connections

Information should be accessible and interesting. It’s almost impossible to have a conversation with someone without context. In order to engage those who are not there you should refrain from making too many references to something that one would have to be in attendance to understand.

7. Have fun!

Social media content at a live event should follow the appropriate level of professionalism for the industry while providing value to anyone who is following the event conversations. Facts are great and should be tweeted, but appropriate jokes and banter back and forth with a fellow tweeter are great ways to create the excitement in a virtual world.

Have an event coming up and need some hints about using Twitter to promote engagement? Send us a message!!

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