Work Clean: The Joy of Project Wrap-up

When the to-do list is your friend

The site is launched, the wrap-up email is sent, you’ve celebrated with your favorite chocolate bar/bag of Cheetos/glass of Malbec…and then the fun begins.

For me there’s almost nothing more satisfying than wrapping up our post-launch checklist at the end of a project.  Running the numbers, downloading all the pertinent files, tucking the passwords away for safe keeping.  And watching that to-do list get shorter and shorter.  Some of the most important to-dos include:

  • Saving and labeling final design files
  • Documenting the domain registrar, hosting and support information for the site
  • Saving any pertinent admin passwords needed to update the site in the future
  • Double-checking all analytics codes to verify they are reporting correctly


But it’s more than the list, more than calling a project “done”.  Because, as we so often learn, the project is never done.  It will be tested, stared at and tweaked.  It will continue to grow as the business does.  That is why the to-do list is so important.  The designs will need to be unearthed, the passwords found in a pinch, the code revisited and the content edited.  It’s about making someone’s life easier in the future – so we can be at the ready even if we don’t touch the site for 3 years.

It’s not about calling the project done.  It’s about making sure we’re ready for its next life.

  • Date: Jan 15, 2016
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