Website Analytics: The Dashboard You Can’t Live Without


People unfamiliar with website analytics always want to know one thing:

Why do I need it?

The easiest way to answer this question is to use an analogy. Imagine your website is a car and your web analytics is the car dashboard:

Car Dashboard Orange

What Does A Car’s Dashboard Tell You?

The dashboard gives you a world of information about how the car is currently running and if anything should be optimized. It tells you important metrics like:

  • How fast you are going
  • How many miles you have driven
  • How efficiently your engine is running
  • How much gas is in your car

There are also warning lights on your dashboard that alert you when important components of your car are in need of maintenance or repair. These warnings include:

  • The Check Engine Light
  • The Charging System Warning Light (battery)
  • The Brake System Warning Light
  • The Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light


Why Do These Things Matter?

Think about how difficult it would be to make sure your car runs at peak performance levels without the information provided on your dashboard. How would you know if you needed to check your engine? Or if you needed a new battery? Or if your brakes needed to be repaired?

The truth is, without a dashboard you wouldn’t know.

A car’s dashboard is the one thing that shows how the car is performing in real time AND what things require maintenance to insure that it keeps running efficiently in the long term. In summary, the dashboard is crucial to the well being and performance of your car.

Google Analytics Dashboard


Website Analytics are Like Your Car Dashboard

Just as your car relies on its dashboard to offer important data, your website strategy does too. It’s crucial to your business. For some companies your website IS the entire business.

So how do you know if your website is working efficiently and effectively?

Web analytics.

Web Analytic tools like Google Analytics, Web Trends, etc. give you the crucial metrics you need to evaluate how well a website is performing. Web Analytics offers important information like the sources of traffic to the website, when visitors come the site, what visitors do on the site and the technology visitors use to access it.

Your website analytics can also warn you if parts of your website are not functioning correctly and need to be fixed. Things like:

  • Visitors dropping off your site where they shouldn’t
  • Visitors not completing the actions you want them to take
  • Visitors viewing the wrong pages on your site
  • Visitors not finding your site through Search Engines


Take Care of Your Baby

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of money on your car (purchase, insurance, maintenance, repairs, etc.). That car is important because it takes you where you need to go.

Your website can take your business where it needs to go. So shouldn’t you show your website the same love and attention that you do your car? Show your website that you care. Use Web Analytics to discover how it’s performing and where it needs some TLC.


More Help with Google Analytics

If you want to learn more about analytics, like Google Analytics, you can read more about our popular starter solutions or contact our experienced analytics team to find out how we can help you get important, actionable website data to grow your business.



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