SEO or PPC? SEO + PPC = faster & better lead gens.

It may seem like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are two very different service offerings.

However, SEO and PPC actually gives you the best overall results when they are both implemented as they compliment each other. Why settle for having your brand show up in organic search results when you can have your brand show up concurrently in the paid advertising section, on the same search result page?

SEO PPC Astekweb


SEO is the foundation of everything we do. From websites to social media platforms, potential customers are searching for your services online – and we direct them to you.

Combining a thorough technical analysis of your website with a comprehensive understanding of your business and objectives, we evaluate all three elements of SEO:

  • Website content
  • Content promotion strategy
  • Conversion of visitors to customers


PPC is a marketing tactic that achieves results with low fixed costs, if done correctly. We start by working with you to identify your business’ search engine marketing goals, then we dive into intense keyword research to build a target bid keyword list.

To further ensure the success of your paid search campaigns, we work closely with you to create ad copy and optimized landing pages.

Aside from PPC programs on search engines, we can also manage your Paid Social efforts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads.

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