Metrics. KPIs. Measurements. See the Forest Through the Trees.

Numbers don’t lie, but it helps to know which ones count.

It’s easy to use an analytics tool and obtain enormous amounts of data. However, data is irrelevant if it can’t produce insights critical to increasing sales and boosting the bottom line.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is arguably currently the most powerful tool for analyzing website traffic: who is visiting, what they are looking for, and how they get there. For many clients, their first glimpse of this data is like seeing the world through a child’s first pair of glasses. Any business that wants to create an actionable and effective online strategy should be using Google Analytics to:

  • Use data to target a specific audience
  • Understand which marketing channels are attracting relevant traffic
  • See which pages are most effective at driving sales
  • Learn which calls to action are effective
  • Prove return on investment for social media efforts
  • Discover which keywords and phrases target audiences use to find a given site

Social Media Measurements

With the popularity of Social Media, it’s crucial to assess your Social Media measurements regularly to see how effective your Social Media efforts are.

We evaluate your ongoing engagement within your active Social Media channels and provide graphical reports that highlight progress as well as actionable insights. We can also create reports for specific stand-alone campaigns. 


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