We identify and activate conversations on platforms that matter for your business.

Social Media Rule #1: Make it a two-way conversation.

With so many Social Media channels, it’s easy for businesses to jump in with arms wide open and then realize Social Media is not what they expected. Perhaps you’ve been dipping your toes in Social Media for your business. You’re starting to see some Facebook comments, or retweets, or LinkedIn comments, or re-Pins. However, you wonder if you’re spending time and resources in the right channels. You also wonder if all these posts you’re creating are increasing your business’s bottom line. We can help answer your questions.

Social Media Astekweb

Social Media Strategy

Partnering with you and your team, we start with an audit on where you are at with your Social Media efforts as baseline. During the audit, we assess the following:

  • Target audiences
  • Content engagement
  • Content topics and themes
  • Channel approach
  • Editorial calendar
  • Social Media Policy
  • Employee Social Media guidelines
  • Escalation plan
  • Integration with other marketing efforts
  • Feedback process for insights gathered from social conversations
  • Metrics and KPIs

Based on the assessment, we will create a strategic Social Media framework that will allow your business to better leverage Social Media.

Social Audit

The Social Audit includes a Brand audit as well as Content Asset Audit with your stakeholders. The stakeholder interviews are the most effective way to get internal perspectives on Social Media Strategy approach and objectives within your team or organization. With the Content Asset Audit, it is often where we discover content gems, such as videos, images, white papers etc, that were previously created but never utilized by businesses.

Competitive Analysis

Have you ever wondered how your competitors’ Social Media analytics look like compared to yours? We are well-versed in social analytic tools and can provide you with detailed reports on competitive intelligence and Social Media measurements. See how you and your competitors differ in engagement, social media content optimization, fans & followers insights and more.

Social Listening

Aside from your business’s Social Media channels, do you know what the rest of the internet thinks about your business? Are there any social chatters about your brand that you may not be aware of? This is where Social Listening will be most helpful. We can help you setup and maintain a Social Listening program to see what type of conversations about your business, if any, are happening, and also where they are occurring online.

Social Content Creation

Are you strapped for time & resources and could use a hand in social content creation? We can help you create “snackable” and relevant social content that drive conversations and engagement on your social platforms.

Blogger Outreach

Working with the right bloggers can do wonders to your social marketing efforts. Not only can we help you identify the right bloggers who are relevant to your business, we can also work with bloggers to develop social media marketing / blogging programs that market your business.

Paid Social Media Support

You’ve worked hard (or we’ve helped you) to develop Social Media content regularly. Your carefully-crafted content has been published. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more upcoming social platforms provide self-service paid support. We can help you setup and manage your paid social campaigns, with ongoing optimization as needed.