Content is king.We help your content work hard for you.

Content is more than a buzzword: it is the foundation of engagement to convert leads into customers.

As a result, every business and every brand is developing and publishing content everywhere. This creates a lot of noise in the marketplace. Noise that distracts and confuses target audiences.

We specialize in developing relevant, clear and consistent content that cuts through the noise – and produces tangible bottom line results.

Content Marketing Astekweb

Content Strategy

Does your current digital marketing efforts integrate Paid, Owned and Earned media? Are your buyers’ personas reflected in the content you’re publishing? Do you find it difficult to develop an editorial calendar? Are your social media efforts yielding the results you were looking for?

It takes creativity, planning and resource to create ongoing content that provides value to your customers and prospects. We can create and execute strategic content marketing programs that help you effectively tell your brand story.

When we partner with you on developing a Content Strategy, we will start with a Content Audit and end with a strategic plan that includes a custom editorial calendar, content guidelines, channel approach and metrics for you and your organization to support your content marketing efforts.

Content Audit

Perhaps you’ve been creating your own content for some time now but you’re not sure how your content is performing. We can audit your content holistically, from personas, channel selection, content integration, content amplification, editorial calendar, all the way to KPIs and metrics.  

Content Creation

You have a seemingly never-ending to-do list. You fully intended to write a blog post but that to-do item keeps getting pushed down the list. We know what that feels like – let us help you create refreshing, engaging content on an ongoing basis.

Email Marketing

Done wrong, email marketing is just spam. Done correctly, email marketing complements and reinforces the relationship between audience and brand. Contact us to integrate your email campaign with the rest of your digital marketing.

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