Using Pipes to Control Information Flow

As we entered the new year, one thing that most of us face is the overwhelming amount of information we dissect every day. As a community manager for several different clients, the amount is amplified.

While trying to find a way to continue to provide relative and useful information for our clients and their communities, I finally decided to check out Yahoo Pipes. I’ve heard people talk about Yahoo Pipes, even used programs and services that stated they used Yahoo Pipes, but I had never know exactly what they were.

According to Yahoo, “Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.” In plain language, you fetch information, add filters and produce specific content you desire. What is so nice about Pipes is it has drag and drop modules that requires no programming background. In addition to creating your own Pipes, you can also view Pipes that others have made. How about using Pipes as an eBay price watch for certain items?

So far, I’ve only created a simple RSS feed for search Twitter for Tweets using the #cmgr hashtag, but making sure it includes common keywords. This is then sent to my Google Reader as an RSS.

Have you used Yahoo Pipes? What ways are you finding to use them? Just hearing about Yahoo Pipes? How do you see them being useful?

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