Apple iOS 7 for Publishers: First Reflections

Here are my initial thoughts on the Apple iOS 7 software.

1) New design feels more contemporary, but Apple didn’t set this tone. Competition from Google has fueled a fire under Apple for years. And now it’s also coming from Microsoft, Amazon and Blackberry. Although ironically, from a design standpoint, this “new” flatness is awfully reminiscent of Windows 8 and Google aesthetic.

In general, Apple is now playing defense more than ever. The iPad Mini is a good example of this. Jobs must be rolling… (trust me, I’ve carried an Apple Cult card since the mid-80’s, but they are losing their edge)

They are also embracing the idea that apps don’t need to feel like real-world objects. Now that just about everyone has a smartphone and has bridged into using digital touch interfaces, it’s time we truly embraced the advantages inherent in a screen that doesn’t look like a piece of paper.


2) The Control Center is something people have wanted for awhile. Android does this and is highly customizable. It should make it easier to get to commonly used functions quickly.

3) Multi-tasking improvements should be huge in terms of general fluidity and battery. It’s something iOS has struggled to keep up with.

4) Siri improvements. Perhaps she’s finally useful for things other than setting timers and checking scores? It sounds like there is a specific car mode, which might be nice. Have Siri read your favorite publication to you while you drive? Let’s hope.

5) I would hope that the new iTunes Radio includes podcasts, which are still a huge opportunity for getting content out there.

6) I’m still digging into what this means for developers, but here is a link (new multitasking APIs, dynamic motion controls in UIKit, AirDrop, Sprite Kit, enhanced video APIs, new features in Game Center and Map Kit)

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