Teressa Catrambone

September 2, 2014

7 Ways to use Twitter to Support a Live Event

Social media exists as a way to break down the barriers of communication to allow information to move unfettered from person to person. We recently activated a social media campaign for our client E2MA at their annual Red Diamond Congress.

We focused on engagement as the key goal for the social media campaign – to engage with event attendees as well as the colleagues who were unable to attend. We chose to use Twitter for its real-time nature, ease of use and popularity. The campaign went very well and garnered considerable engagement from both event attendees and those who were unable to be there in person. We always like to share what worked/doesn’t work with our readers, the following are the seven tips that will help you create a successful Twitter campaign for a live event.

Sara Gorsky

August 20, 2014

Your Website = Your Best Business Tool

I’m sure you’ve heard that your company website should be your central marketing hub, and it’s true. At the birth of the internet, your website became a sort of digital yellow pages book and has since evolved to be the hub of information about your business with everything from your contact information and driving directions all the way up to your digital online store.

The last five years have brought around even more developments that can shape your website into a real business tool not just for your customers and clients, but for your actual business operation and your bottom line.

John Armstrong

July 11, 2014

From the Launchpad – A B2B Website Redesign for Pioneer Environmental Services

pioneer b2b website design development 6

It’s a perfect match: Both Astek and Pioneer Environmental Services work to efficiently and effectively clean up clients’ sites. Although Astek wasn’t testing soil or performing intricate remediation tactics, we were better aligning Chicago-based Pioneer’s website with their brand, developing an improved mobile experience, offering information and functionalities important to customers and optimizing copy for search engine traffic – all very important elements to a new B2B website redesign and development. 

John Armstrong

March 28, 2014

Digital Delphi – Client Questions Answered: Tags, WordPress, Infographics.

Digital Delphi

digital delphi - social media training chicago


This week my time was spent on prepping the launch of two new websites. Although many of the strategic decisions happen very early in the process, as we get toward the end of a project, clients begin to see the details. A new website in an unfamiliar CMS has a lot of details. As someone who likes to empower clients in their marketing strategies, this is a good thing. As someone who’s excited to play teacher, it makes for longer sessions than might otherwise be needed. People need to get to happy hour. I understand that more than anyone. Those well drinks aren’t $4 forever…

…so I’ll get to the point. Here are three interesting questions that don’t have simple answers, but that’s why they make for good reading.

January 9, 2014

Are Sticky and Sliding Website Elements Awesome or Epic?


I’ll just come right out and say it – I LOVE sticky and sliding website elements.

By that I mean elements like nav bars or other call outs that “stick” to a point on your browser and allow the content of the website to scroll behind it. If used with a bit of restraint, they can keep the most important website elements at the tips of your visitors fingers, providing an intuitive, seamless user experience.