Andy Swindler

February 5, 2008

Google local texting

Someone showed me this. A bit irrelevant with the iPhone, but this would still work in places where the phone networked worked and the data network/wi-fi didn’t for whatever reason.

Send a text message to: 46645
For the message text, put in a business and city, or something of that nature. I was in Fayetteville, AR at the time, so I tried, “Common Grounds 72701”
Nearly instantly I got a message back from Google:
“Local Listings:
Common Grounds
412 W Dickson St
479-442-3515 (of course linked on the iPhone for direct calling)

Tip: check flight status; send HELP FLIGHT to learn more.”

I haven’t tried the last part. In fact I didn’t even notice it until typing this in just now. But I could’ve used it earlier today when I flew. Have to try it next time.

Andy Swindler

October 22, 2007


I had my reasons for waiting this long to get an iphone: DayLite sync, MacJournal, Mail Note sync, reliability, etc. But when I finally got it, I didn’t want to wait anymore. I first tried to activate my shiny new iPhone on a Saturday night and the activation server was down, so I had to wait a day.


This is the device that finally got vacation photos right. No one wants to sit through your slide show, or at a computer. It’s quickly making my Treo feel like an archaic paperweight. It’s easier to get out of my pocket.

I didn’t have an particular beef with Sprint. They’ve been good to me over the years. As good as any oversized telecomm company can be. Luckily I had a great reason to switch to AT&T. A girlfriend in Arkansas with an AT&T phone. Not only are they free, but I swear the calls sound better now, too.

But I understand and empathize with the notion that Apple should release the phone on other carriers. I’m practically expecting to have an awful experience on AT&T, and that’s not really fair. Or is it? And does the iPhone justify any amount of poor customer service?

One benefit to no memory card is not losing it. Granted it took two and a half years, but somehow the memory card slipped out of my Treo and is gone. It was free, and I really didn’t have anything on it. Thank God I never got around to switching to using it to store photos and videos from the phone. But really, I guess I can see how people might need more than 8GB (and trust me, I’m someone who can fill a few terrabytes of disk space without trying) but I think there is something to be said for it being built in. The built-in memory capacity of most phones is pathetic compared with the iPhone.

Bottom line: the iPhone is 90% revolutionary and 10% annoying. A ratio I’d take any day considering it’s 100% reliable. They’ll fix the 10% with an upgrade and maybe add another 20 points.

Treo calendar – adding items was way easier. The iPhone is consistent, but requires too many clicks. Apple needs to break a few of their own rules here.

Magnifying glass on edit calendar event name doesn’t show cursor