John Armstrong

October 9, 2013

Aristotle Says: Get More Google Reviews!


Believe it or not, among many things, Aristotle was the first crowdsourcing scholar. It’s not a stretch. As people like myself attempt to help companies promote their brands and products, I realize over and over again that these efforts look back to Aristotle’s writing in On Rhetoric, where he assembled the foundation for marketing strategy. <and reasons to get more Google reviews>

John Armstrong

September 27, 2013

Ka-BOOM – Barilla’s Social Media Brand Implosion

Put on your flak jacket social media managers – What would you do as Barilla’s marketing director if your CEO said something controversial and caused millions of people to see this:

Barilla Social Media - Homophobia


or this:

AmericaBlog - Barilla Social Media Gay

Notice the 3,000 Twitter Shares, 153k Facebook Likes… So what did he say on a popular Italian radio show that caused gay-rights supporters to create a firing squad on social media? Read on…

September 27, 2013

Twitter List Management Tools: How to Easily Segment Followers

We recently received a question on Twitter about platforms that helped Twitter users better manage their Twitter lists. You can use these tools to helps organize your followers, monitor their conversation, find pain points that you can solve and then create your own opportunities.

We’ve got the scoop on two great options: and

John Armstrong

September 13, 2013

Are You Not Reaching All of Your Facebook Fans?

Not reaching all Facebook fans?

Have you noticed that your Facebook posts reach only about 15-20% of your fans? With so many companies online, Facebook is forced to show only the most relevant posts to users in order to avoid clogging up news feeds. They choose who sees a company’s post through Edgerank.

EdgeRank is a “secret” algorithm developed to govern what is displayed—and how high—on the feed. In other words, your brand’s overall online relevance and relationship with each fan is constantly measured.

John Armstrong

July 10, 2013

Advertising On Twitter – It’s Not Just For Nike


Twitter Advertising - Targeting


The great success of most social media platforms is in that they make spending your money very, very easy. Advertising on Twitter is no different.

In fact, submitting your credit card information might be a majority of the time it takes to get your first Promoted Tweet out the door.

Even though you can now choose your price, like a mother of twins in the diaper aisle, the money can go fast.

But is the right person clicking your advertising? Does anybody really understand what you’re offering?

Are you prepared to spend the amount of money it takes to reach millions of people? And what are you going to do with their attention?

Before we rush into writing our first Tweet, let’s stop and ask one question:

July 3, 2013

Two Tweets to Strengthen and Expand a Brand: Home Depot

Using twitter to expand your brand voice

In high school, I worked at a hardware store. It was a great job. Definitely one of the best jobs I’ve had before working here at Astek. However, the customers were always upset.

Why wouldn’t they be? The most common reason for a trip to a hardware store is to fix something broken in your house.

After having dealt with many frustrated and surly old men, I forever viewed hardware stores as a place people dreaded going. Recently, this view changed.

Home Depot has been using Twitter to reach out to a whole new demographic, a market that was (seemingly) untapped.

A sponsored tweet by Home Depot came up in my twitter feed the other day with a link to a Vine (how hip of them) that highlighted a hack-a-thon type of event where people repurposed Home Depot products, turning them into weird furniture, planters, shelves, etc. (much in tune with the DIY / artsy fartsy crowd).

Using the hashtag #HDHacks (Home Depot Hacks), they’ve managed to strengthen their brand voice and make it fun.