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November 10, 2014

Social Media Etiquette Guide For Business [Infographic]: The Do’s and Don’ts on publishing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

When you were taught never to put your elbows on the table and chew with your mouth closed, you probably weren’t such a fan of being told what to do. Years later, on that first date you’ve been pining over for months and finally landed, you were probably just a little bit grateful you learned the right tableside etiquette.

Tara Dunne Stocker

September 30, 2014

Karmic Payback – Or Cosmically Unfair?

Karma really is a b@#@ with the ubiquity of social media — or, why someone named “Nadia” should think again about getting drunk on an airplane in front of a woman with a twitter account.

Tara Dunne Stocker

September 18, 2014

Before social media, there was public relations…


With the ever-increasing acceleration in the use of social media for real-time engagement between brands and consumers, public relations is frequently relegated to the metaphorical dustbin of, “…we’ll just write a press release…”

But, don’t be so quick to dismiss the value of PR:  while platforms have changed, the basic tenants of good PR – and how it supports a brand’s objectives – still apply.

What essential strategies of effective PR should you apply to your social media campaigns to increase your brand’s credibility?

John Armstrong

September 5, 2014

Seven Tips to Becoming a DIY Website Analyst – A Think-n-Drink

Seven Steps to become a DIY Website Analyst

Eveyone has a website, but not everyone is a website analyst. By budget necessity, there are a lot of Do it Yourself website analysts. The 3.4 million blog posts (like this one) on various website topics speak to that. Unless you’re in the business of digital marketing or web development, sometimes it’s not obvious if it’s actually working. “Working” means different things to different people, but in our office, we have a quick-guide on how we look at websites to determine talking points for improvement. It’s a simple list of seven vital considerations…

Teressa Catrambone

September 2, 2014

7 Ways to use Twitter to Support a Live Event

Social media exists as a way to break down the barriers of communication to allow information to move unfettered from person to person. We recently activated a social media campaign for our client E2MA at their annual Red Diamond Congress.

We focused on engagement as the key goal for the social media campaign – to engage with event attendees as well as the colleagues who were unable to attend. We chose to use Twitter for its real-time nature, ease of use and popularity. The campaign went very well and garnered considerable engagement from both event attendees and those who were unable to be there in person. We always like to share what worked/doesn’t work with our readers, the following are the seven tips that will help you create a successful Twitter campaign for a live event.

John Armstrong

March 21, 2014

Digital Delphi: This Week’s Client Marketing Questions Answered

Digital Delphi

digital delphi - social media training chicago

Welcome to Astek’s Digital Delphi…

Every week we’re asked a lot of questions. Some related to SEO, social media strategy and training or web site strategy. Some not. In any case, we answer them with all the glorious confidence by saying, “at least, that’s the way it worked two weeks ago.” Funny how in most cases, it’s a legitimate concern.

I’m going to take this and future Friday afternoons off, pour a glass of wine and write about these inquiries. Maybe I’ll put in some headphones and crank up some Lake Street Dive. I might even be a bit tipsy by question 3. Who knows?

I sometimes don’t. An honest digital marketing consultant never pretends to have the right answer because one can find 10 blog posts with 10 different opinions on page one of search. <note to self: add pseudo-relevant keyword phrase “social media strategy and training Chicago” throughout this text>. Let’s begin…