John Armstrong

December 13, 2013

Think-n-Drink Recap: Top 10 Email Marketing Tips


How long do you spend writing the subject line on your business’s email newsletter? Probably not long enough according to our Think-n-drink guest presenter, Jenny Fukumoto. Her experience as a marketing manager at Ragan Communications and the comments from the audience created a lively discussion on email marketing strategy.


Let’s Run Down The Numbers:

  • 110 – calories in each serving of the Pretzel Crisps generously provided by… Pretzel Crisps
  • 22 – Number of slick-moving Prezi slides in the presentation
  • 14 – Tweets about the content on Astek’s #chithinkdrink
  • 10 – Jenny’s top tips for using email wisely
  • 2 – years of your life lost to frustration when not using a good email program
  • .08 – Blood Alcohol Level that requires attendees to go home on public transportation

The Evening’s Highlights:


John Armstrong

December 10, 2013

Using Snapchat for Better Client Communication

Astek pilots a new way to communicate with clients through Snapchat, thus shortening response time and increasing efficiency across the entire company.

Client communication has never been so effortless.


Read our press release on how Snapchat has changed the way businesses market their products too.


Andy Swindler

November 11, 2013

Astek Retreats Into The Future

2013 marks ten years for Astek. Like most small companies, we’ve changed and grown A LOT in that time. While we’ve always moved in the right direction, some changes are easier than others, especially as we constantly challenge ourselves to be leaders in our industry.

A core part of Astek’s unique culture is that everyone here is interested in something else, particularly theater and music. That’s a good thing. It lends perspective, creativity and plain old fun to our craft and interactions with people. The only issue this creates is that it’s hard to schedule an overnight event for everyone!

This year we headed to the lovely town of Union Pier, right around the southern bend of Lake Michigan from Chicago in the heart of the Michigan Dunes. I hear they export their super fine sand to Dubai (seriously).




So what does a company do on a retreat? Why do we go? What do we seek to accomplish?

November 8, 2013

How to Handle Different Work Personalities & Improve Productivity: Retreat Lessons

How to Work with Different Work Personalities

Astek recently took a trip to southwest Michigan as a company to get away from our routine and learn about team building. We also were able to enjoy each other’s company in the pristine woods of Union Pier, Michigan.

The big lesson I learned was provided by a presentation made by Rob Biesenbach, an expert in communication. The subject was how we as a team could better handle our different work personalities. We were asked to complete a DiSC personality self-examination to determine what “working personality” characteristics we had.

John Armstrong

November 7, 2013

Astek Staff Meeting: Who Stole All the Trash Cans?

Someone keeps stealing all the pens, drinking all the wine, hiding all the trash cans and is generally annoying to those of us who are trying to work…



John Armstrong

October 30, 2013

Astek Staff Meeting: Let’s Roshambo For It


The Astek Staff Meeting gets bloody when one of our team members doesn’t quite understand the what Roshambo means.