John Armstrong

March 21, 2014

Digital Delphi: This Week’s Client Marketing Questions Answered

Digital Delphi

digital delphi - social media training chicago

Welcome to Astek’s Digital Delphi…

Every week we’re asked a lot of questions. Some related to SEO, social media strategy and training or web site strategy. Some not. In any case, we answer them with all the glorious confidence by saying, “at least, that’s the way it worked two weeks ago.” Funny how in most cases, it’s a legitimate concern.

I’m going to take this and future Friday afternoons off, pour a glass of wine and write about these inquiries. Maybe I’ll put in some headphones and crank up some Lake Street Dive. I might even be a bit tipsy by question 3. Who knows?

I sometimes don’t. An honest digital marketing consultant never pretends to have the right answer because one can find 10 blog posts with 10 different opinions on page one of search. <note to self: add pseudo-relevant keyword phrase “social media strategy and training Chicago” throughout this text>. Let’s begin…

Andy Swindler

March 17, 2014

Build a Better Business by Defining a Company Culture

The term “Company Culture” is thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean? The dot-com era gave us foosball machines, Aeron task chairs and catered lunch. The tech giants that survived have everything from yoga classes to dry cleaning. The millennials demand flexibility, clear rewards and open offices. The boomers don’t know where to put their bobble heads after getting kicked out of their cubicles.


Your company’s culture is ultimately defined by your people who, by the way, also define your brand. Your brand, in turn, defines what your company exhibits as an experience for all people involved: customer, staff, mascots, etc.


Basically, your culture is good if people want to be there and hold each other accountable for being their best.

John Armstrong

January 27, 2014

Video Marketing Made Easy: Think-n-Drink Preview

Video Marketing plays an important part of our staff’s weekly routine, not just in our overall marketing toolbox.

Every staff meeting we shoot a video like the one above and use it to showcase our company’s personality and the creativity we bring to each project. They take about 20 minutes to make, 10 minutes to edit and can go all over the internet with just a few clicks. As you can see, they’re not made to look professional. We shoot them with an iPhone or compact camera. That’s ok, because our scrappy and employee-driven corporate culture isn’t about flash and glam.

So, how to begin? 

John Armstrong

January 10, 2014

Getting Hot Over Our LinkedIn Think-n-Drink

Finding leads Linkedin Strategies

That’s a great panel, right? Three people with three very different uses of LinkedIn made our Think-n-Drink an informative and entertaining event. One of our attendees even had this to say:

December 27, 2013

3 Quick Tips to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile and an Invitation


It’s almost the new year and…

  • Those new business leads aren’t going to appear out of nowhere. They have to be created.
  • That new job in 2014 will be harder to get without a strong first impression.
  • Getting your name in front of the people that matter doesn’t happen overnight

You can do all these things by taking a little time to improve your LinkedIn profile. We’ve gathered some quick tips to make the most three most important changes. Use these to gain attention from those with the ability to help you get leads or that job you have your eye on.

John Armstrong

December 20, 2013

Think-n-Drink: How to use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Career


Build a powerful presence on linkedIn

When our staff was pondering potential topics for the upcoming Think-n-Drink, we simply asked ourselves, what marketing topic has come up more times in recent conversation than anything else? The answer was…

…keyword research.

Well, we already did that a couple of months ago, so if you’re one of the people that missed out, look forward to another session about that soon. Warming up in the bullpen was LinkedIn, so we put him (her?) in the game.