Faraji Anderson

November 17, 2014

.NET goes Open Source

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Big news in the tech world, .Net has gone open source and released its core software in GitHub under the MIT Open Source license. Microsoft’s .NET Core library has always been proprietary since its inception, for years it has combatted with the likes of JAVA and PHP when it comes to web environments and now looks to take a competitive edge.

Benedict Wong

September 16, 2014

Publishers: mobile web or mobile app? That is the question.

This is a not a trick question. Rather, it’s a real dilemma that most publishers face.

There are a few considerations, based on The US Mobile App Report recently published by comScore.

June 17, 2013

Shorten Your Commute With the Waze App – (No, really)

Shorten Commutes with Waze App

Anybody who has to deal with traffic being a large part of their commute, you might want to consider an app called Waze. My attention was recently turned to Waze when I heard it was recently purchased by Google. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical, being a programmer I know that such tasks grow in complexity very quickly, it wouldn’t be easy for a free app to deliver on the promise of shortening my commute.

But, Waze isn’t just another GPS app, it is different from Apple Maps, Google Maps, and my personal favorite, MotionX.

Andy Swindler

June 11, 2013

Apple iOS 7 for Publishers: First Reflections

Here are my initial thoughts on the Apple iOS 7 software.

1) New design feels more contemporary, but Apple didn’t set this tone. Competition from Google has fueled a fire under Apple for years. And now it’s also coming from Microsoft, Amazon and Blackberry. Although ironically, from a design standpoint, this “new” flatness is awfully reminiscent of Windows 8 and Google aesthetic.

In general, Apple is now playing defense more than ever. The iPad Mini is a good example of this. Jobs must be rolling… (trust me, I’ve carried an Apple Cult card since the mid-80’s, but they are losing their edge)

They are also embracing the idea that apps don’t need to feel like real-world objects. Now that just about everyone has a smartphone and has bridged into using digital touch interfaces, it’s time we truly embraced the advantages inherent in a screen that doesn’t look like a piece of paper.


May 24, 2013

Healthy Employees = Happy Workplace

I'd do anything to lose 10 lbs.

More and more frequently I’m hearing about friends’ employers instituting a mandatory “wellness questionnaire”, with comforting reasons such as “Save $520 a year on your insurance costs!” and “Help us help YOU!”  I’m not fooled, insurance company, I can hear you silently judging me from behind the digital curtain for my 5-7 glasses of wine and 30 minutes of exercise per week.  Whatever, I do what I want!!!  But healthier employees do generally mean happier employees.  Here are some ways that Astek ROCKS at supporting employee health, and how you can help yourself in and out of the workplace.

April 23, 2013

Building Apps For Your Business: iPhone or Android?


Building Apps For Your Business: iPhone or Android Rock'em Robots

It doesn’t have to be a battle anymore.


Are you thinking about building an app for your business? Typically the first choice you’d have to make is deciding on what platform will you build it. Apple? Android? Windows? Blackberry? (LOL. Ok, no one would want to build a Blackberry app.)

We are entering a brave new world friends!  In recent months, a whole new development model has entered the market. Cross-platform, hybrid mobile development systems like Icenium and PhoneGap Build make it possible to build an app using one set of code and publishing it to multiple app stores!