Tara Dunne Stocker

September 30, 2014

Karmic Payback – Or Cosmically Unfair?

Karma really is a b@#@ with the ubiquity of social media — or, why someone named “Nadia” should think again about getting drunk on an airplane in front of a woman with a twitter account.

Tara Dunne Stocker

September 18, 2014

Before social media, there was public relations…


With the ever-increasing acceleration in the use of social media for real-time engagement between brands and consumers, public relations is frequently relegated to the metaphorical dustbin of, “…we’ll just write a press release…”

But, don’t be so quick to dismiss the value of PR:  while platforms have changed, the basic tenants of good PR – and how it supports a brand’s objectives – still apply.

What essential strategies of effective PR should you apply to your social media campaigns to increase your brand’s credibility?