Teressa Catrambone

September 2, 2014

7 Ways to use Twitter to Support a Live Event

Social media exists as a way to break down the barriers of communication to allow information to move unfettered from person to person. We recently activated a social media campaign for our client E2MA at their annual Red Diamond Congress.

We focused on engagement as the key goal for the social media campaign – to engage with event attendees as well as the colleagues who were unable to attend. We chose to use Twitter for its real-time nature, ease of use and popularity. The campaign went very well and garnered considerable engagement from both event attendees and those who were unable to be there in person. We always like to share what worked/doesn’t work with our readers, the following are the seven tips that will help you create a successful Twitter campaign for a live event.

Teressa Catrambone

May 9, 2013

What To Do When You Walk Into a Leaking Ceiling on Monday


Office ceiling leaks

Step one: Turn around

Step two: Walk out

Let’s be honest, it’s Monday, which means you’re barely prepared to deal with the regularly scheduled program much less the waterfall currently cascading from the ceiling.

With 24 hours to pump yourself up, you’ll be much more able to handle the situation tomorrow.  Although…knowledge is power and it is incredibly unsafe to put a power source near water so you may want to stay home tomorrow as well.  Logical reasoning, then, seems to dictate that you not come into work until Wednesday.  You will probably be tempted to stay home on Wednesday lest you slip on the wet floor and subject yourself to further work absences, but I urge you to squelch those feelings and make your way to the office.  Honestly, you owe it to your employer to get some sort of work done – you weren’t hired for your hydrophobia.  The most important thing is that you do not let this dampen your spirit for the rest of the week.   After all, it could have been worse.  It could have rained on your parade. <rim shot>

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Teressa Catrambone

April 22, 2013

Best. App. Ever.

I am going to make a statement that may shock some people:

The Parks and Recreation Bobblehead App is the best app ever created.

“Woah.  Hold on a minute.  The iPhone Clock app is by far superior,” is what some of you may say.  To put it bluntly, you people are wrong.

Sure, the Parks and Rec app isn’t fancy, you can’t use it to cook your eggs or ask that hot guy over there on a date – those who are more astute will recognize the connection – but it will make you laugh.  A lot.  I am sensitive, however, to the fact that some of you require more out of your apps than pure, unbridled happiness.  Fear not tech heads, the app also connects directly to Youtube so you can watch clips of the best show ever created (scientific fact)!  I am so confident that this app will change the life of every man, woman and child on this planet that I will personally refund the $0 cost to anyone who is not completely satisfied.

In closing, through the immortal words of Leslie Knope, “You only get one chance to make a second impression.”


Teressa Catrambone

January 30, 2013

The Proper Way To Ask For Money Through Email

Pay your Bills imageAs the Office Manager, I write a lot of emails; some of them are to my mother, most of them are to clients and the majority of those are about delinquent payments.  The biggest hurdle in composing an email, especially with a sensitive topic like money, is crafting the message.  With no body language to work with, you must rely on the words you’ve written to represent your company and procure the right results.  I have learned a few lessons in my time and I would love to spread the knowledge – if for no other reason than to spare someone else from putting their digital foot in their digital mouth.

Email Dos and Do Nots:

Do: Start the message with something kind.  “Hi, Adele, I really liked the song you wrote for that new Bond movie!  Oh, and, funny story – I went to Starbucks the other day to grab a cup of coffee but remembered you never paid me back for the one I bought you last week so I had to turn around and walk out. Talk about a case of the Mondays.”

Teressa Catrambone

November 19, 2012

Research: Best Tips and Practices (aka Facebook Stalking)

I recently met the man I am going to marry.  He is cute, smart, funny, and has one of those smiles from the toothpaste commercials.  Basically, he’s perfect.

Perfect, that is, until I remember that I don’t know his name.  I spent the first few minutes after this realization in a state of deep denial: “Maybe I don’t know his name because he doesn’t have a name.”  Don’t worry; I soon realized that while that argument was logical, it wasn’t probable.

Alas, I found it a little ridiculous that I would have to give up eternal happiness just because I didn’t know someone’s name.  I decided it was time to get my research on and immediately headed to the most reliable source I could think of: Facebook.


Teressa Catrambone

July 6, 2012

User Experience from a User’s Perspective

I remember the days of dial-up.  Sitting at the computer reading a novel waiting for my personalized yahoo email to load, how convenient that all of my friends knew I loved bubblegum just by sending me an email.

Sadly, things have changed.

Now I’m off gum and much too busy and important to wait for a website to load.  Computers, or really any sort of technology, are not my thing.  Because I’m not very quick with it, I look for things that are easy to use and don’t require reading a manual.  I think that’s why Apple has been so successful in the past few years.  It’s nice to have techy products that I intuitively know how to operate which also offers more advanced features that I can learn to use-sometimes :/