Faraji Anderson

November 17, 2014

.NET goes Open Source

.net logo

Big news in the tech world, .Net has gone open source and released its core software in GitHub under the MIT Open Source license. Microsoft’s .NET Core library has always been proprietary since its inception, for years it has combatted with the likes of JAVA and PHP when it comes to web environments and now looks to take a competitive edge.

Faraji Anderson

December 20, 2013

Use Google Swiffy to Convert Flash for Your Website


Before we talk about how to use Google Swiffy and avoid using Flash on your website, let’s get some quick background: Once upon a time, before the days of YouTube and snazzy browser extensions websites came across an interesting conundrum. How can we interact with users in a way that combines content, graphics and video?

The result culminated into the rich internet application (RIA), with the most popular being Macromedia Flash – now Adobe Flash.

Faraji Anderson

September 13, 2013

Why Use WordPress? Awesomeness.

Chicago web design - Why Choose WordPress?

It’s so good, it’s mind-blowing.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a great thing.

Let’s pretend we’re sitting in the room with the creators of WordPress when they first began to embark down the journey of creating a CMS product that would eventually be the most widely used on the internet.

I like to imagine that I can hear the features shouted out by founder Matt Mullenweg:

Faraji Anderson

August 19, 2013

The Better to Browse You With My Dear

You just bought a new PC. You want to browse the internet. What do you do? Do you use the default web browser provided by your Operating System, or do you download your favorite browser and carry on with watching YouTube cat videos?



Long gone are the days when a user is forced to rely solely on the browser that’s supplied by their OS. Not all browsers are created equal as anyone who’s ever used a diverse array of browsers can tell you.