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Astek officeWhile we launch new websites on a regular basis, it is not every day we get to launch a new website for ourselves. As you may have heard from Andy’s recent post, we redesigned and launched Astek site, and I have to say – we are all happy and proud parents to the new site.

Since we are consummate professionals, especially when it comes to website redesigns, we energetically debated over every call to action, design element and responsive choices because, well, that’s what we do!

Rather than walk you through all the decisions we’ve made in the site redesign (which is a small novel in length), we’d like to share with you our personal thoughts on what the new website means to us. Enjoy!

What We Think About Our New Home:

“A website, in and of itself, doesn’t stand alone. At its best, it reinforces and propels the activities and image of a company. At its worst, it chases people away who are otherwise interested in the people and services that company provides. Or it could slip into a neutral gear and provide a check box for people reviewing a company.

The new Astek site brings us back to what a website should be doing: attracting interest from new clients and talent; representing our ideas, work and direction clearly and accurately; and building excitement and pride for everyone in the organization. We hope you like reading it as much as we liked building it.

We are committed to revamping Astek’s marketing strategically one step at a time. We’re reviewing each step as a case study for taking ourselves through the same process our clients seek of us.”


“The brand-spanking new brings out the company’s personal yet professional style. The team page lets current and potential clients put faces to our names and get a sense for each individual’s personality. As a client moves to our folio, they can get a sense of whether Astek is the right company for them. Small but mighty, Astek’s past projects show off our talents while giving us the potential to start working in new fields.”


“We approached the redesign of the Astek site the same way we approach our client’s websites: start with defining goals and objectives of the site, then map out content hierarchy, develop desktop & mobile design based on UX principals and brand guidelines, march on with development and rigorous testing. Then Voilà! The new Astek site is launched. The entire process helped us recognize how our clients must feel like working through a website design project and the elation of seeing the new site come to life on the interwebs.”


 “My website brings all the boys to the yard!”

Thanks to technologies like Bootstrap, a JavaScript framework that detects screen resolution and screen dimension, we can have total responsive sites that adhere to all the rules of the web world while working hard to make navigation on mobile devices and tablets as coherent as possible.

This for Astek opens the doors wide open for displaying future websites that want to appeal to all users, no matter the device. There’s a reason it’s used by Newsweek, JitBit , was developed by the Twitter team and remains the most starred repository on GitHub. This gives us an incredible amount of leverage when convincing clients of the awesomeness their website is capable of. We can just show them. Enjoy the new website and sleep easy at night knowing there’s a team of hard working individuals who can make your website totally responsive.”


 “Astek is about its people and projects, and I’m especially excited to showcase our team and the type of work about which we are passionate. Getting up in the morning is easy because our clients are demanding, challenging, appreciative and even fun. The chance to talk about their projects and our perspective is important in understanding who we are.”


“Well look at that handsome new website. And as a developer, it’s not just the pretty colors and bushy sideburns that have me charmed, I was pretty pleased with the theme we chose.

Pulling a WordPress theme off the shelf is always hit-or-miss, no matter how well you know the development group responsible. It’s pretty amazing the wide range of thoroughness one can find in the documentation for one theme, compared to another. Not that this is really rocket surgery anymore, but the more UI bells and whistles that get shipped with a theme — the very things that a designer may prefer over another theme — the more opportunity there is for non-traditional, mystifying or hacky development work-arounds in a theme’s back end. And as a be-mystified hack myself, I know what I’m talking about.

But again, this is a nice framework. Should be easy to maintain, extend, keep current. The CSS is built according to Boostrap guidelines, so it’s efficiently responsive as well. All that, and the proverbial bag of chips.”


“First impressions count — as much if not more than your mother said. Beyond content, websites provide curbside appeal for your business: today it is the first place potential customers experience and interact with your brand. I am so proud of the way our new site represents who we are and what Astek does!”


“I think that the new website is, finally, an accurate depiction of who we are and what we’re capable of. In building the website we were able to sit down as a team and decide what we’re passionate about, who we want to be, and what kind of projects we want to take on. We are in a much better position to target the kind of work we want to do and go out and get it, and I’m very excited about that!”


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