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Astek is looking for people who want an agency partner to help build a strategy, attract customers and grow the bottom line.





  • Trusted Digital Partners. Our clients trust us and depend on us. We don’t take this lightly. We care deeply about our clients and the business problems they’re trying to solve. We are always looking for new ways to help our clients.
  • Teachers & Students. Digital Marketing is a fast paced industry. We keep up with the latest news and innovation in order to better advise our clients. In every project, we also provide training to our clients on how they can best use technology to make their jobs easier. Knowledge is made to be shared, especially when it’s about how to run your businesses website or marketing program.
  • Chicagoans at heart. Most of the team originated from outside of Chicago. However, we all ended up falling in love with this wonderful city, of gorgeous architectural skyline, of up-and-coming tech hub, of mouth-watering culinary spots, of Mid-Western sensibilities and of winters that never end (maybe not so much on the last one).



  • blocks
    August 20, 2014

    I’m sure you’ve heard that your company website should be your central marketing hub, and it’s true. At the birth of the internet, your website became a sort of digital yellow pages book and has since evolved to be the hub of information about your business with everything from your contact information and driving directions all the wayMore

  • Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.36.06 AM
    July 11, 2014

    It’s a perfect match: Both Astek and Pioneer Environmental Services work to efficiently and effectively clean up clients’ sites. Although Astek wasn’t testing soil or performing intricate remediation tactics, we were better aligning Chicago-based Pioneer’s website with their brand, developing an improved mobile experience, offering information and functionalities important to customers and optimizing copy for searchMore

  • Astek office
    July 8, 2014

    While we launch new websites on a regular basis, it is not every day we get to launch a new website for ourselves. As you may have heard from Andy’s recent post, we redesigned and launched Astek site, and I have to say – we are all happy and proud parents to the new site. Since we areMore

  • wpid-mind-the-gap-2014-06-23-08-03
    June 23, 2014

    You may have noticed some renovations around Astekweb lately. It’s a little more than Spring Cleaning as we’ve pivoted the entire team around a renewed focus. We’re leaner and meaner; focused on the things we do best to help grow our customers’ businesses and doing them with the people who appreciate them the most. AMore